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Bimmer APK For Android

  • Includes:


★BimmerLink Premium v2.33.0 B5860


★Carly OBD2 v49.00

★ Carista v8.2.2 Pro


★Torque Pro [OBD 2 & Car] v1.12.99 [Patched]

★File Size 447 MB

★Only For Android

⚠NO Support!


Description of AGAMA Car Launcher:

Never before was the multimedia control in your car so comfortable. Meet the new car launcher AGAMA. All the most useful features and necessary information are just a click away. The simple clean design and easy control will not interfere with the flexibility of the settings. AGAMA varies depending on the interior of the car and your mood, but it always remains an elegant and reliable interface that connects the driver and the car. AGAMA Car Launcher - your freedom to control!


The AGAMA Car Launcher is intended for use in dashboard units and audio systems working on the Android operating system, as well as for Android phones and tablets for use in a car.

The most important advantages of AGAMA Car Launcher:
- Concise and purposeful design adjustable to the style of the car
- Flexible design settings
- 24 customisable buttons for quick application launch
- Speedometer widget for the exact speed on a GPS basis
- Music player widget (supports the most famous apps for playing music)
- Navigator widget with support for route guidance
- Compass widget for travel enthusiasts
- Information display (Wi-Fi, GPS, mobile internet, Bluetooth, USB, battery)
- Local weather information with a memory of 5 days
- Automatic brightness of the screen
- Voice assistant

  • The .apk applications require an OBD adapter of some type to fit the .apk.
  • B-Tool Expert K+D-Can cable with Bluetooth is recommended
  • Recommended adapters: UniCarScan UCSI-2000, Carista ,Veepeak
  • Please read FAQ & Terms of Sale Before purchasing!
  • ⚠NO Support!

Bimmer APK For Android Electronic Delivery

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VAT Included
    • No Refund for Digital Product Purchase

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