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2024 BMW Diagnostic Software ISTA+ ISTA-P INPA NCS Expert Update Files Free Software Programming Coding E-Sys

Languages that have been tested and work great with the following versions of ISTA



ISTA 4.32.15


ISTA 4.39.20


ISTA 4.41.41


Other Languages available (see pict)


⚠ A higher language version seamlessly operates with lower ISTA versions, ensuring compatibility. However, the reverse scenario is not guaranteed, as a lower version of the language may not function correctly with a higher ISTA version. Consequently, the received language version may not always align with the program version, but it will function seamlessly without any issues!


⚠ It is essential to note that installing language packages is done at your own risk, as they are not an integral part of the main program. Consequently, certain functions may be translated incorrectly or may not be translated at all.


⚠ To ensure proper functionality, it is recommended to utilise the "AppCheckDisable_to_use_different_DBs.reg" file.

Additional original unmodified languages for ISTA Standalone

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VAT Included
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