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BMW / MINI Apple CarPlay Fullscreen Activation for Entrynav2 aka ENAVEVO Headunit for BMW / MINI Cars


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BMW / MINI Apple CarPlay Activation for ENTRYNAV2 / WAY

Artikelnummer: 275574345453
119,00 €Preis
inkl. MwSt. |
    • The headunit must be of the 'WAY' version or a non-nav headunit.
    • Buyers need to confirm the WLAN port before making a purchase. This can be accomplished either by disassembling the headunit or scheduling a remote session to remotely check with an ENET cable.
    • Introducing a tool for CarPlay enthusiasts! Our new tool is designed to offer better support for CarPlay customers, enabling the retrieval of all necessary information from your HU over ENET.
    • Bid farewell to the frustration of incomplete data and say hello to seamless CarPlay integration.
    • We recommend that customers send us the information before making a purchase.
    • All USA cars are equipped with a WLAN port, while European cars need to be checked.
    • ENET Cable
    • Windows PC or Mac with Windows (Bootcamp / Parallels / VMware)
    • Stable network connection

    Procedure for activation:

    • Download the app that we'll send you for activation (simple one click App)
    • Start the car, then connect ENET cable to your car and computer.
    • Launch the app. You will receive a code from us to enter it in the app  it's for BMW CarPlay Activation.
    • Enter the code
    • Click Start
    • Wait about 2-3 minutes till everything is finished and enjoy BMW Apple CarPlay FULLSCREEN
    • This applies to all non-nav or business navigations on all BMW / MINI cars produced after 2017/2018 (F30 / F32 / F31 / F48 / F39 / F40 / F42 / F54 / F55 / F56 / F60).
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