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Terms English Diagnostic Software Download

Important Note: A download link to the server (Mega) will be sent to you shortly after purchase via email. Because the email contains a URL link, some spam filters will filter those emails wrong. Please make sure that you check all spam and junk folders in your email client, including Gmail and Hotmail addresses. Also, make sure that you give us a valid email for shipping the purchased goods. The Mega server offers a free account with 20GB but with bandwidth restriction

or payable PRO account for 4.99 euros. Therefore, the customer is responsible for server selection.


Read the full Terms of Sale carefully before purchase!


Forms of Payments

  • Secure Payment with Stripe Debit/Credit Card

  • Klarna(Deutschland) SEPA Direct Debit

  • Instant download link after payment

  • DVDs safe copies for personal use only! Due to the large volume, the software is only available for download. No physical media (USB flash drive, DVD, HDD etc.) is provided.

  • Please be aware this is backup software, and you can use it only if you have the original DVD and licence. 

  • This software is provided for educational, non-commercial purposes only, to enable private users to diagnose, program, code and reset the service intervals on their vehicles, and no liability is extended nor implied. Education Version. You may only use the Educational Version if you meet the eligibility requirements. You may install and use Educational Version only in the country where you are qualified as an educational user. If you reside in the European Economic Area, then the word “state” in the sentence preceding this one means the European Economic Area.

  • The page does not infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, the right of publicity or privacy, or any other proprietary right.

  • We are not responsible for damage to your vehicle or computer if something will go wrong.

  • We are not liable for your interface only for correctly installed software!

  • For technical reasons (high content of GB) Please do not ask whether the software will be sent by post. There is only Electronic Delivery.

  • Please note that no programs may be used for commercial purposes

  • Please note that this page is the original diagnostic tool provided by the vehicle manufacturer. The device can usually be bought only by the authorised dealer. The page is intended only for educational purposes.

  • The buyer must unblock the navigation card on his own with the appropriate tools such as "FSC Generator". Unfortunately, we do not support the installation of the cards in any way.

  • Note that some cards require an FSC code (not included!).

  • Basic knowledge must be available to install the programs. If you are unable to install the programs, there is no reason to return the product. 

  • We do not take responsibility for any damage to your vehicle or computer.

  • We are also not responsible for your interface, but only for correctly installed software!

  • Please note that the program "ISTA+" "E-Sys" "ISTA-P" and "SP-DATEN" is not part of the 7 DVDs Package (available separately to buy).

  • Please note that your annual subscription is not a calendar year and lasts 11 calendar months. (E.g purchase date 25.02.2020- end of subscription 01.01.2021) Since we do not send reminders about the end of the subscription, the buyer must remember the expiry date of the subscription. 

  • Please be aware! A free Gift is not supported by us at all, as this is free gift and is not subject to sale!

  • Access to Road Maps is for one time only and does not include any future updates.

  • Because the server contains large files, please use the Download Manager. 

  • The buyer is responsible for his Internet speed and needs to know how long it takes to download all files.

  • Please note for security reasons the link to access the server expires after about four days! For technical reasons, messages with a link valid for 30 days cannot be deleted, so do not take it into account If you missed the time to download files, you could purchase new access for 2.90 Euros. (For each server) The new access is valid for one week from the date of purchase.

  • If a new version of the program is available, the old one will be automatically discontinued, downloading and supporting, in such a case. The buyer should purchase new access to the server.

  • Once the Digital Product has been downloaded, there is no right to return, replacement or similar actions if the customer has ordered by mistake.

  • Purchase and update are valid for two months. After this period, you must buy new access to the server at a regular price.

  • It is possible to buy the "Installation Support" on the website, depending on consultation first! You will receive an email with an evident and straightforward description of how the "Online Help" should be purchased.

  • "Installation Support" Includes INPA Package (NCS Expert Ediabas ) ISTA+ and ISTA-P.