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  • Why should you buy software from us?
    As you may know, most software is available for free on the internet. But is it worth risking downloading software from an unreliable source? We guarantee that the software purchased from us is free from any flaws, viruses, or unexpected unpleasant surprises. All our programs have undergone rigorous testing, and are full versions exactly the same as your local dealer uses, not cracked, and not patched versions. They come from a single reputable supplier, @Sedoy. His reputation is beyond question, and his software ensures flawless performance. You don't have to worry that something will go wrong during your car diagnostics – the correct operation of the program is crucial when working with your valuable vehicle. Downloading software for free from the internet also poses the risk of damaging your car, sometimes irreparably. We guarantee that our software will not harm your vehicle. When you purchase from us, you won't be disappointed. So, the choice is yours. Do you want software with a high-quality guarantee, or do you want to take risks with software downloaded from unreliable sources or cheap cracked versions? Software from a credible source with a good reputation is something that should not raise any doubts because remember that the software will cooperate with your car worth tens of thousands of euros, and you cannot afford that, for example, during an update, the software refuses to work, which can irreversibly kill all the electronics in the car. Do not allow yourself to take such a risk! We believe that everyone values their safety and wants to protect their vehicle, so the answer seems clear. It's better to spend a few euros and have peace of mind than to take unnecessary risks. So, we invite you to make a purchase today!
  • Payment Method
    Secure Payment Options: Stripe Credit/Debit Card Apple Payment Google Payment Most programs can be paid for through PayPal. Please contact us for more details via our Contact Form. Please note that PayPal payments are only accepted for orders over 10 Euros. For more information about payment options, please check the Payment section
  • Delivery Costs
    We offer worldwide FREE Electronic Delivery as a link to our dedicated server.(Mega) Important Note: A download link to the server will be sent to you shortly after purchase via email. Since the email contains a URL link, some spam filters may incorrectly classify the email as spam. Please make sure to check all spam and junk folders in your email client, including Gmail and Hotmail addresses. The Mega server offers a free account with 20GB but with bandwidth restriction or payable PRO Account Therefore, the customer is responsible for server selection. DVDs are safe copies intended for personal use only! Due to the large volume of the software, it is only available for download. No physical media such as USB flash drives, DVDs, or HDDs will be provided
  • Installation Support
    Online Installation Support refers to two possible methods of assistance: either we remotely connect to your laptop and install the program, or we provide guidance through email. Please check the "Booking" section for the cost and availability of Online Installation Support before making a purchase. We do not offer support for fixing old installations, so please ensure that your previous installation has been completely removed from your disk and that your system meets all requirements specified in the instruction manual. The Installation Support package includes the INPA Package (NCS Expert Ediabas), basic ISTA-P Installation, and basic ISTA+ Installation without extra features such as programming and updates. If the program you have selected has Installation Support, please select the same program with the option (Paid) on the "Booking" page. Please note: Online installation support is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase of the programs! After this period, free support is no longer possible and is only available at the regular price! If the program does not offer Installation Support, please choose the same program with the option (Additional support) on the "Booking" page. Note: Payment for making an appointment is mandatory, regardless of whether you have purchased a program with online installation support in advance. Unfortunately, a credit card is currently the only accepted method of payment for online installation support. Please refer to the external link in the Booking Page section for more information.
  • Download Files
    A download link to the Mega server will be sent to you shortly after purchase via email. Due to the email containing a URL link, some spam filters may incorrectly classify the email as spam. Therefore, please make sure to check all spam and junk folders in your email client, including Gmail and Hotmail addresses. The Mega server offers a free account of 20GB with bandwidth restrictions or a payable PRO account. Therefore, the customer is responsible for selecting the server based on their preference and requirements. Friendly tips on how to download files from the server and how to avoid a paid Mega subscription are provided in the user manual. In case of any problems with purchasing a Mega account, help is available for downloading files from the server. Please read the full Terms of Sale (AGB) carefully before making a purchase. For Bundle and Unlimited Access customers, an active Mega account is required.
  • System Requirements
    The page called INFO contains information regarding: System Requirements Programs Descriptions Software Overview Diagnostic Interface IMPORTANT! Purchasing software means that you have read and understand all the requirements. If your existing hardware and software do not meet these requirements, the installation may not work. Please note that if your BMW is newer or older than those listed, it may not work with the software. This diagnostic/coding software is powerful, and it can either fix or break your car depending on how carefully you use it. If you have any pre-purchase questions, please feel free to contact me via the contact page on my website, and I will reply promptly. Please note that under no circumstances should the software be used on an operating system other than OS Windows. We cannot guarantee that it will work properly on Parallel Desktop, Bootcamp, Linux, Mac OS, OS Chrome, or any other solutions different from OS Windows. Therefore, you install the program at your own risk, with all its consequences, including the loss of the license, for example, for ISTA Standalone, damage to your laptop, and any other unexpected glitches.
  • Instructions Manual
    After your purchase, you will receive a PDF with a link to the instructions manual in the English language only!
  • Unlimited Access Maxi Dealer Package
    Additional information for customers who have purchased "Maxi Dealer Package, which includes a one-year subscription for updates Once you have created a payable Mega Account, please let us know so that we can activate all folders for you. In a short time, you should receive an invitation email to the Mega Server from our email, and the shared folders should be visible on the left side menu bar. You will need to copy all shared folders and move them to your Mega account. Create a link to each folder (right-click, context menu) to download files and insert them into software such as JDownloader. Use your Mega Account in the settings for JDownloader to download files without any bandwidth restrictions. But to keep file structure use ONLY Megasync! Please note that Mega-Chat is not monitored, so please do not use it as a form of communication with us. Instead, write to us via email. Please remember that if new updates are available, the old files will be removed from the server and replaced with new ones. Before making a purchase, please check the "Booking" section on our website for the cost of Online Installation Support.
  • Refund Policy
    Please note that there are no refunds for digital products and services purchased through our available payment system. Digital products cannot be returned, so @DIAGNOSESOFTWARE has a "No Refund" policy for all digital downloads. Please be aware that we are not a dealer but a private seller. As this is a private sale, we do not offer guarantees, receipts, returns, or any similar services. For non-tangible digital software, such as download packages, we are unable to offer a refund policy for obvious reasons. By making a purchase, you automatically accept our conditions. If you do not agree, please leave our site immediately! Transactions that only require a login and password provide an added layer of protection for your financial information, as you do not need to expose bank details or card numbers. We monitor transactions 24/7 to ensure the security of our customer's financial information, so you can rest easy knowing that your transactions are safe and secure.
  • License Activation
    LICENSE Please note! Please ensure that your Windows operating system is already activated before making a purchase. It is no longer necessary to insert the license text into ISTA as all licenses are activated online. Therefore, the customer needs to have a one-time Internet connection to activate the license for ISTA Standalone. The license is valid only for one PC! Virtual Machines are not supported. It cannot be transferred to another laptop and will be rejected in case of: Change of motherboard HDD Manipulation Licenses cannot be exchanged for ANY reason, such as lost or damaged hardware, laptop replacement, or similar things not described here. If you breach the license terms, you have to purchase a new license. One PC - One License! Since ISTA 4.39.2x BIOS/Windows update does not reject the license.
  • ISTA Versions
    There are different versions of the ISTA diagnostic program, each with its own features and requirements. Let's take a look at the main differences between these versions: ISTA Standalone: This version of the program is a diagnostic tool that requires a license to use. The installation process is fully automatic and can be completed with just one click. Latest version 4.39.20 ISTA Delta: This version is a basic ISTA program with a lower version number than the Standalone version. To use ISTA Delta, you will need to manually update files required for programming via the installation console called "IstaLauncherConsole." Current 4.32.xx license included and updated with delta files to the latest version. ISTA iLean: This is the latest dealer version of the program and is updated in real-time via the Admin Client provided by us. The installation process is very easy and automatic. However, to use ISTA iLean, you must have a 3-6 or 1-year subscription. Update ISTA with Delta Files: Please be aware that there is NO "update" available for the main program. Such an update does not exist until the supplier creates a new standalone version. ISTA Standalone is replaced with the iLean Version The current update with the delta files is only for programming data SDP and BLP. The main program remains the 4.39.20 version. Please note All versions of ISTA are offline versions that do not connect to BMW's backend and, therefore, do not support secure coding!
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